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Chance Encounters
Buy the e-book at Amazon (for the Kindle).

Chance Encounters Lauren James has a dream job, travelling with Gary, her boss, and Paul, the photographer, researching travel books - although Gary's constant advances are not welcome. Then a chance encounter on the way to Saint Tropez changes everything. She catches the eye of Jean-Luc and instantly feels butterflies in her stomach. But when Gary bustles her off to the holiday villa, she is certain she will never see him again. As she explores the local markets, Lauren has the uncanny feeling that she is being watched. Then suddenly two men try to kidnap her and force her into their car. Luckily Jean-Luc sees her from his garden and rushes to her rescue. Why was Lauren being targeted? And was Jean-Luc's arrival on the scene a fortunate coincidence? Or was it something more sinister? As her feelings for Jean-Luc become stronger Lauren must work out who she can trust, and who she should fear...

Because 'Chance Encounters' can be wonderful...or deadly.

'Chance Encounters' is an intriguing romantic thriller that will grip readers from the first page to the last.

'A delightful summer read' - Holly Kinsella

The Price of Beauty

The Price Of Beauty