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Writers' associations that I am a member of
West Country Writers' Association, Horror Writers' Association, Crime Writers' Association

Other authors
Lindsay Townsend

Favourite books
- Historical novel: Katherine by Anya Seton.
- Children's book: Anne of Green Gables by L. M. Montgomery.

My bookshop on Amazon
Historical novels: Love in Hiding, When Love Rides Out
Romantic novels: Burning Heart, Dangerous Love, Dream of Love, Love's Treasure, Secret Summer, Wind of Change, Forever Yours(large print), Flame, Forever Yours, The Sands of Time, Tides of Love, After the Rain

External links from my Website
- I live in Worcester, England; the site of the famous
- Battle of Worcester, where Oliver Cromwell beat King Charles II.
- I am a member of The Romantic Novelists Association.
- I attended St. Mary's Convent School.
- I was investigated by The Society of Psychical Research.
- I am a member of The Supernatural Special Interest Group(SIG) in Mensa.

The Price of Beauty

The Price Of Beauty