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The Price of Beauty
Read the reviews or buy a copy at Amazon UK (Kindle Edition).

The Price of Beauty19th century England is the thrilling backdrop for this romantic novel. Young heiress, Lydia Annesley, returns from London to claim her inheritance to a salt fortune in Upwych. However, the masters of sinister Raven's Mill, handsome, brooding, Caleb Vyne and his dashing half-brother, Charlie Sheridan, appear to have other ideas. Lydia soon finds out to her cost what price she has to pay for her beauty, her fortune and her business. . .

'Helen McCabe has done it again! Well researched; believable characters and a chillingly realistic villain.' Sue Sallis, author.

'A terrific novel. I enjoyed its dramatic intensity and the historical backdrop very much..' Victoria Evans, Carlton TV

'A traditional 19th Century saga of dreams and misunderstandings - of a teenaged, newly orphaned heroine with looming responsibilities for the family estate and ailing salt factory; a likely hero (who could be a villain) and likely villain (who could be the hero), both of whom have close connections with a rival salt mill. For those who relish a good, old-fashioned story of romantic suspense.' The Good Book Guide, April 1998

'The book highlights the sharp contrasts between life as a powerful and thriving brine master and the poverty and degradation endured by the salters. The plot includes plenty of intrigue and suspense, treachery and romance, all set against an historic backdrop of the 19th Century.' Worcester Evening News 7th February, 1998

'Romance, intrigue and documented history combine to produce a richly-rewarding read. Worcestershire born Miss McCabe intertwines real history with a gripping plot in [The Price of Beauty]...' Evesham Journal, 12th February 1998

'A gripping yarn..' The Lady, 2-8 December 1997

'Escape into the world of romance with [The Price of Beauty]...' Woman's Weekly, 10th March, 1998

'Worcestershire born Helen McCabe has chosen the Victorian salt industry as the background to [The Price of Beauty], a tempestuous romance which shows powerful brinemasters struggling for control of the area's resources.' Wolverhampton Express & Star, 7/3/98

'[The Price of Beauty] by Helen McCabe is a 304 page love story set against the authentically drawn background of the Victorian salt industry.' Darlington Northern Echo, 10th February, 1998 'A passionate saga of the Victorian salt industry with heiress Lydia at the centre of a battle between two young men - one of them her handsome business rival. Cookson fans should check it out.' Peterborough Evening Telegraph, 31st Jan 1998

'A love story set against a background of the Victorian salt industry.' Woman's Realm, 16th December, 1997

The Price of Beauty

The Price Of Beauty