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Welcome to the Horror section of my website.

Galtons family - click to enlargeIn addition to horror novels, I also write historical and romantic novels, which can be found in the historical & romantic section of my Website. I also write poetry and short stories too. I hope you'll find my website interesting and here's a taste of what you could find inside. I grew up in a small cottage in Dunhampstead, a tiny village just outside historic Worcester, England; the site of the famous Battle of Worcester, where Oliver Cromwell beat King Charles II.

My special interests page shows how my life has been shaped by paranormal events. However, these days I use my gifts mainly in my writing. How could I help being an historical novelist when even the school I attended, St Mary's Convent, was built on the battlefield. Or a romantic novelist after being brought up on so many romantic tales from childhood? You can read about my life in my biography.

I still live in Worcester and write books full-time. I can be contacted by e-mail and I'd love to hear from you and, if you've read any, whether you liked my books.

The Piercing