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My special interests are mainly to do with my work these days, but they remain literature, history and the paranormal, although I have many other general interests. As I mention in my biography, like many other lonely children, I lived in the world of the imagination where the 'people' I met in my vivid day dreams were real friends. I was an avid reader of books when I was young, gaining a love of history and the past from authors like Anya Seton, Jean Plaidy and Jeffrey Farnol. My favourite historical novel remains Katherine by Anya Seton and my favourite children's book, Anne of Green Gables.

Yet one real childish experience shaped my life and my life-long interest in the paranormal. When I was very young, I had the misfortune to fall into the canal, which ran behind our cottage. Half an hour afterwards, I was pulled out from it, unconscious. At that time, we had no way of contacting a doctor or ringing for an ambulance. Instead, someone rode three and a half miles on his bike to fetch the local doctor, who was out and who arrived about three hours later, preparing to pronounce me dead. When he walked into my house, I was sitting up in bed, very much alive. I owe my life to an ex-sailor who had seen many drownings and who had worked for over an hour giving me artificial respiration.

Many years later I heard of near death experiences (NDE) and realised that I'd had one too. I remember it vividly. I have recently begun to write a book about my childhood, so perhaps you would like to read what happened to me that day? Then click on this link, The Little Window.

From that time, many curious things began to happen to me, which have lasted until now. I didn't take any notice of them when I was a child, but these days I have learned to live with them. My novel, Two for a Lie was the result of what I call, my important dreams. After I had been in Devon and discovered the facts about Mary Willcocks aka the mysterious Princess Caraboo, I dreamed about her as vividly as I had ever day-dreamed about my childish companions. When I woke the following morning, I found that in the exercise book I always keep by my bed were seven pages of spidery writing, recording my dream. From that, the novel was born and, as I did more research, I found that some incidents were coming true. I was not surprised as such things have happened to me before, as when I needed help, someone or something came to my aid. I am convinced that I was meant to tell the story of Mary's love affair with Jem and, although I cannot prove it, I feel that the mystery that has puzzled scholars for over two hundred years - how did an ignorant peasant girl turn herself into the Princess, who spoke and wrote her own language - has been answered in that novel.

My interest in psychic matters led to me being investigated by the Society of Psychical Research, when I took part in a series of experiments. I also belong to a Special Interest Group in Mensa, the Supernatural SIG, where members regularly visit historical sites, which are said to be haunted; read about my ghost-hunting visit to Snowshill Manor. You can also read my unpublished, supernatural, short-story Demise of a Realist. If you dare!

Besides the Paranormal, another subject I love is History, hence my interest in writing historical novels and identifying with historical characters, who I feel I know very well. I am also interested in Art and love visiting exhibitions and galleries. I paint in water colours myself and find it most relaxing. As for Literature, I could not live without poetry and prose. They have inspired me all my life.

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