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Piper, re-issued by Telos Publishing Ltd, is the first book in acclaimed author Helen McCabe's chilling Piper trilogy.

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PiperLegend has it that in medieval times the children of Hamelin were led East into Transylvania...

In bleak post Ceausescu Romania, Dr Sacha Marcu a psychiatric researcher absorbed with the high incidence of mental illness among the women of Arva, a remote mountain village near the border with Russia, gradually uncovers a horrific history of ritual child murder. After the latest incident Marcu and police inspector Valentin almost succeed in cornering their prime suspect who appears to elude justice by dying in a plane crash.

Local cop Dave Durrant and his music teacher wife Diane seem to lead an idyllic life with their four children in the small lakeside town of Sunny Mead, New Hampshire. All that mars their contentment is the disability and muteness of their 13-year-old son Pip as the result of a car accident.

When Diane engages new arrival Diep Koppelberg as a therapist for her son, Diep's charm and exceptional musical talent captivates all who in the little community meet him and Diane and her daughter are gradually drawn to him to the point of infatuation.

Only Pip sees Diep differently. Where others see beauty he sees only ugliness and decay. Where they see benevolence, he sees malice and unspeakable evil. Either Pip must succeed in convincing his family of the danger before it is too late or find a way to confront the threat himself.

In Italian

Italian edition PIPER is published by Leone Editore, Milan.

PiperNella Romania post Ceausescu del 1990, lo psichiatra Sasha Marcu ha in cura Irina Petrescu, una donna di Arva, i cui abitanti nascondono un misterioso segreto. Irina manifesta una sindrome schizofrenica dovuta alla morte della figlia, vittima sacrificale di un rito propiziatorio, poiché una misteriosa entità tiene in scacco il paese. Di secolo in secolo, di terra in terra, essa ha viaggiato mossa solo da un unico scopo: uccidere più bambini possibile. I personaggi si trovano dunque a combattere contro un essere immortale, fino a scoprirne l'identità: è il Pifferaio di Hamelin, il Pifferaio magico della famosa fiaba.

The Piercing