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THE PIERCING, published by Telos Publishing Ltd, is the long-awaited second book in acclaimed author Helen McCabe's chilling Piper trilogy.

THE PIERCING came second in the prestigious Preditors and Editors global poll for the Best Horror Novel of 2014.
Top 10 Novel

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The Piercing'Secrets bring terror, and the result of terror lasts for a very long time. It doesn't go away.'

American student Pip Durrant arrives in Romania to continue the research of the late Dr Marcu into the Transylvanian village of Arva, where a high incidence of mental illness amongst the women is coupled with a shocking history of ritual child rape and murder. But, once there, Pip finds his rational, scientific worldview being increasingly challenged by the seemingly supernatural horrors he encounters. What's more, he soon realises that the mysteries surrounding the village seem to be somehow linked to traumatic events in his own troubled childhood. Could he really be falling prey to the timeless evil of the Pied Piper of Hamelin...?

In Italian

Italian edition IL RITUALE is published by Leone Editore, Milan.

Il RitualeLo studente americano Pip Durrant arriva in Romania per continuare le ricerche del compianto dottor Marcu nel villaggio transilvano di Arva, dove un'alta incidenza di malattie mentali tra la popolazione femminile sembra collegata a una storia sconvolgente di stupro rituale di bambine e omicidi. Ma una volta lì, si rende conto ben presto che i misteri che circondano il villaggio sembrano essere in qualche modo collegati agli eventi traumatici della sua infanzia. Può essere davvero caduto preda del male senza tempo del Pifferaio di Hamelin...?

The Piercing